Hot Gourmet Sauce

The Hot Gourmet Sauce is an explosion of spice with a steady burst of heat… yet with lasting flavor! Once it touches your palates you taste the flavor yet the heat rolls gently back allowing you to enjoy the flavor with out that burn!


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Sir Charles’s hot Gourmet BBQ sauce has that hot North Carolina flavor that explodes over the top of the palate, with a steady burst of heat and explosion of spices…With a continued lasting flavor and does not burn the palate. This well-balanced sauce goes smoothly over the palate with no lingering taste. This sauce goes on any meat. Great in baked beans or spaghetti. We call this the four in one sauce. You can barbecue, bake, or marinate with it. For marinating, use one part water and cider vinegar to taste.  From the 80s to now. This hit-and-run sauce lets you feel the heat and leaves you craving more! Thanks for trying it!

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 2.5 x 2.5 x 8 in


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