Sir Charles’ BBQ Chicken

If you are looking for a GREAT BBQ chicken recipe, then this recipe is IT!  Sir Charles, & his wife, Queen Carmen, have been making fantastic BBQ sauces for a number of years, & I have become one of his biggest fans.  I like this combination of a mild rub & a hot sauce, because the hot sauce mellows as it grills, becoming sweeter & smoky in flavor.  I have used their various rubs & sauces in a variety of dishes, but the combination of a mild rub & a hotter sauce is really scrumptious!  I, of course, do not use BBQ sauce with little ones…their palates are sophisticated enough even for the mildest of sauces.  Check out their website by clicking here if you don’t live locally.  Otherwise, go by the Greensboro Farmer’s Curb Market on Saturday mornings to get yourself a bottle or two!

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