Our Story

We are Chief Executive Owners of Sir Charles Gourmet Sauces Inc., Our mission is to develop a sauce that would bring out the qualities and distinguishing flavors to all that taste it. It is an all purpose sauce.It’s great for barbecuing, baking, and it’s great as a marinade and dipping sauce.


What makes it the best?

Sir Charles Gourmet Sauces won numerous First Place awards including, the 6th Annual North Carolina HOT SAUCE CONTEST 2012 Best Western Division, and best Critics Choice. for Sir Charles and Queen Carmen Gourmet Habanero Sauce. That is why we call it The “Champagne Of Sauces”


Made Locally in the Piedmont Triad

We are proud to be residents of the beautiful North Carolina, our products are made in Rockingham County. Bottled and Shipped by Sir Charles Gourmet Sauces Inc. Inspected by the State of North Carolina, Department of Agriculture and the Rockingham County Department of Public Health.

What We’ve Created…

Our goal is to build consumer confidence in Sir Charles Gourmet Barbecue Sauce and we market our product with confidence and pride.

Sir Charles Gourmet Barbeque Sauces,All natural no preservatives are used, No MSG,No artificial flavors. Gluten Free,Straight from the bottle to the meat.

Chef Sir Charles and Queen Carmen have received the Nutritional Labeling from Department of Food,Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences in Raleigh NC.

Sir Charles and Queen Carmen thank you for your support. You have made Sir Charles Gourmet Sauces your ” Champagne of Sauces” Remember, Dwell In Possibilities! through Faith in GOD! All things are possible!”

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The Award Wining Gourmet Habanero Sauce is Oxford, NC Credits
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Sir Charles & Queen Carmen Horseradish Steak & Seafood Sauce
$ 10.30
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The Hot Gourmet Sauce is an explosion of spice with
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The Mild Gourmet Sauce is gentle Carolina Sauce for the
$ 9.13
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